Divine Mercy | Chews Life Decade
Divine Mercy | Chews Life Decade

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Divine Mercy | Chews Life Decade

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This silicone decade is the perfect teething toy! Not only is it fun and soothing for your little one, but it is also a wonderful way to instil devotion to the Rosary. Watching your child hold this Decade Teether is like watching them hold the hand of Mary.
These decades are great for on the go. Clip them to a car seat, stroller, or baby gym.

This decade is named after the image of Christ’s Divine Mercy.  This image was given to St. Faustina Kowalska.  St. Faustina received many messages from Christ. At the encouragement of her spiritual director, she wrote about all of them in her diary.  This diary was 600 pages by the time of her death and is now available as a book for anyone to read. Although there is much within the pages of her diary, the greatest message was that of Christ’s Divine Mercy.  It sparked a great devotion even before St. Faustina’s death in 1938.  The main three points to understand about Christ’s Divine Mercy are as follows:

  • Ask for Christ’s mercy.
  • Be merciful.
  • Trust in Jesus Christ.

This decade is designed to be tough, even after years of love! But accidents do happen, and your decade should be used only under adult supervision.