Ambrose | Paracord Rosary Decade Bracelet | One Size
Ambrose | Paracord Rosary Decade Bracelet | One Size

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Ambrose | Paracord Rosary Decade Bracelet | One Size

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This paracord decade bracelet features black Onyx Agate beads as the aves and round wooden  beads as the paters. This bracelet is strung on paracord which makes it incredibly durable while also giving it a very comfortable fit. This bracelet can be loosened or tightened to fit exactly right. 

This bracelet is named after St. Ambrose of Milan. He was born in 340 AD into a Christian family. From a young age, he showed promise of being an influential speaker. He was sent to study law, literature, and rhetoric in Rome. After completing his studies, he received a place on the council and was made governor of Milan. He remained governor until 374 when the Bishop of Milan died. Ambrose attended the election in order to help maintain peace between opposing groups in the Church at the time. After his address to the committee, there were shouts for him to be elected bishop.

Ambrose did not want to become bishop and attempted to flee and hide. However, he was eventually found and he agreed to become bishop. In one week, Ambrose was baptised, ordained, and consecrated bishop of Milan. 

As bishop, Ambrose gave all of his belongings away and lived simply. He furthered his knowledge by studying Theology in Rome. His preaching attracted many including the young Augustine. Ambrose played an important role in Augustine’s conversion. Ultimately, Ambrose was the one who baptised him.