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Breakthrough: The Companion Journal

PLEASE NOTEThis item has two published versions. For those based in US, Canada and Mexico, and those based internationally. Both texts are the same, however feature a different design. You will be sent the version associated with the location that reflects your shipping address.


“How can you keep your heart focused on Jesus, our first love?”
“What kind of relationship do you desire to have with Jesus?”
“What gifts has God given you that you can use to glorify him?”

In Breakthrough: The Companion Journal, Fr. Rob Galea’s reflections on faith and the lessons he learned and shared in the bestselling Breakthrough are highlighted and paired with questions such as these to assist you in applying these lessons to your own faith. The journal takes you chapter by chapter through Breakthrough, guiding you as you consider your faith, your relationship with God and others, your past, and your future.

Breakthrough shares Fr. Rob Galea’s journey from desperation to hope—from a lonely and angry teenager to a passionate priest—while Breakthrough: The Companion Journal invites you to consider your own life and faith in light of the experiences Galea shares and the lessons he learned from his troubled past.

This full-color, visually appealing journal also includes inspirational quotes from the book to contemplate as you write and full-page quotes that you can pull out of the book and post as a daily reminder.

Whether you are reading Galea’s book for the first time or the fifth, Breakthrough: The Companion Journal will help you more deeply understand his journey to hope and apply its lessons to your own life.


Australian Version:

"I am really excited to announce the release of the Breakthrough Journal for my Australian readers.

With a design that echoes my website, I know readers are going to feel comfortable dipping straight into these full-colour pages and putting pen to paper.

At 198 pages, this guided journal format punches way above its weight for value, offering inspirational quotes, links to my songs, insights from my Breakthrough book, and plenty of space for you to explore your own journey."

- Fr Rob Galea