Marian Garden Deluxe Bamboo/Cotton Muslin Quilt

Mary’s Garden Deluxe Muslin Quilt

A beautifully made reversible Bamboo/Cotton Blanket, giving the deluxe feel of softness and beautiful sentiment.

'Mary, Mother of Jesus, please be a mother to me now'

These are an 8-layered blanket perfect for car seats, strollers, as a lovey blanket, or to lay baby down when out and about. They are made from 30% cotton 70% bamboo with 8 layers. These are designed with both parents and babies in mind.

The quilt blankets measure 120x120cm (47”x47”)

These designs were inspired by the Creator's love for Mother Mary and the many flowers that symbolise and/or represent Mary and/or something about Mary’s life/Jesus. This quote from St. Teresa of Calcutta is such a beautiful and simple expression of a need for help from our Heavenly Mother. For mamas who need help raising their babies and for little ones to know they can call on their Blessed Mother for help anytime. Wrap your babes in the sweetness of her flower garden.

Machine Wash in Cold water.