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Father Paul Catholic Priest Rag Doll 14 Piece Set

 Meet Father Paul!

Our new collection of Catholic Priest rag dolls are a wonderful tool to teach children about the priesthood, the liturgical year and it's colours, and the significance of the vestments worn at Mass.

Each priest rag doll set comes with a priest (permanently) clothed in his daily clerical clothes (black top, pants, shoes, belt and white Roman collar). The set then also includes removable liturgical vestments including the amice, alb, cincture, 4 stoles (in red, purple, white, and green) and 4 chasubles (in red, purple, white, and green). The doll and all vestments come in a muslin drawstring bag to keep all the clothes safe for the next playtime!

Each set also includes the book, "Sunday Best: How Priests Are Dressed." This short guide will walk you through the different vestments worn by the priest during Sunday Mass, each with its own meaning and symbolism. Inside you will also find a brief explanation of the different vestment colours worn during the year.

14 Piece Set includes:

-Priest Rag Doll in daily clerical clothes
-Red stole
-White stole
-Green stole
-Purple stole
-Red chasuble
-White chasuble
-Green chasuble
-Purple chasuble
-Muslin storage bag
-"Sunday Best: How Priests Are Dressed" Book
Doll is 12” tall. Cotton and rope, all new polyester fill.

WARNING: SMALL PARTS- Not for children under 3.
Please note: due to the nature of the natural cotton fabric please expect some wrinkling of the vestments. If desired, they can be ironed on low or steamed by an adult.