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Made New: A Year-Long Devotional for Catholic Women

Who doesn’t need to be made new after all we’ve been through? And it’s called just that, Made New, to shine light on the ways our identity is made new in God.

It’s divided into five sections:

  1. beheld
  2. belong
  3. beloved
  4. believing
  5. becoming

The five writers tell ten stories each (including a sneaky eleventh) from ten stages of life, ten different seasons that we all experienced so differently.

But yet, rooted in a Scripture passage for each week, we come to the same conclusion: our identity isn’t in how successful or how popular or how acclaimed, or how included, or how loved on we are by people but rather being made in God’s image and likeness. It’s been about Him all along.

Also included are two questions drafted after each reflection and they’re to help you find out this truth too.