These beautiful Mary doll comes in four different skin tones - deep, medium, light-medium, and light, because Our Lady has appeared to us in different ways throughout history.

Mary is of Middle Eastern descent, but also appears to people as they are. Our Lady of Guadalupe appeared as an Indigenous woman to Juan Diego. Our Lady of Aparecida appeared as a Black woman in Brazil. Our Lady of Fatima appeared as a Portuguese woman.

These well crafted Mary dolls are a beautiful way to teach diversity to our children. 

Mary is crafted from calico cotton with a polyester filling. She has embroidered features and long, wool yarn hair. Each Mary doll is dressed in the same outfit - a removable beige dress and Marian blue veil along with a small tote bag.

Also don't miss the different apparition outfits for your Mary doll available. 

Suitable for ages 3+

Product dimensions: 11.8 inches tall