My Journey with Jesus Mass Ring

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This pocket-sized guide is perfect for teaching your pint-sized saints about the Order of the Mass. The Mass Parts Cards come on a ring and outline the four parts of the mass, explaining what happens in each. Colour-coordinated cards complete with illustrations and explanations allow children to familiarise themselves with the order and importance of each piece of the mass. Armed with this knowledge, our saints in training are empowered to participate more fully and confidently in the Holy Mass. All 29 cards are held on a 2″ metal ring for safe-keeping! 

These cards are 2.5” x 4” and printed with a Glossy UV coating to make them more durable for little hands.



“We love the Mass cards! We love anything to help make mass more engaging for our littles! The more engaged they are means less undesirable behaviors during mass. A win-win for everyone!! Thank you!” -Larissa

“My 6-year-old loves the Mass cards. I was thrilled to receive them. The order of the mass is so comforting and the added visual cues are a wonderful reinforcement for the learning of our children.  I also find my 13-year old looking at them during mass.  Initially, I thought...”What a great way to encourage engagement and instill familiarity with the mass in our children.” Also, during these pandemic times, we have no missals available to follow along.  These are far more appropriate for the younger ones anyway. Thank you for this wonderful tool.” - Francesca

“My kids loved the mass parts cards, especially the youngest. She has found mass "boring" so having the cards is a great way for her to stay engaged and have a bit more sense of what is going on.” - Jana

“I just wanted to say how excited I was to see the Mass Parts Cards this month!!  I have a (just turned) 8-year old who is still quite fidgety and not really “participating” in Mass… and these were JUST what I needed!!  We have looked at them and talked about them and will be studying them as the month goes on.  Such a good reminder for the older kiddos too! So THANK YOU and we are so appreciative of all your hard work! :)” - Nicole