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New Wine // Lent 2023 for Kids by Blessed Is She

This year’s theme is about allowing Jesus to help change us, preparing us for Easter! Blessed Is She have created a book, New Wine // Lent 2023 for Kids, to help your child walk through Lent and learn all the ways Jesus is going to help them grow closer to Him. These forty days are a special time to talk about Jesus with your child and to show him or her that making time for prayer is really important. Jesus loves your child and longs for his or her little heart to be open to Him.

“We are the grapes! If we let Jesus inside our hearts, He will change us and help us grow in virtue, in good habits, and in loving Him more.” // Note to Children

The book is quite simple: every week we take time to pray with Sacred Scripture and answer questions, read a brief reflection, work on memorising and re-writing Scripture, pray a traditional prayer and write their own prayer, answer questions after looking at sacred art, and do two activities. All the work is done for you, right inside this book.

Ash Wednesday week // grapes into wine 
Week 1 // pick the grapes
Week 2 // crush the grapes
Week 3 // press the grapes
Week 4 // ferment the grapes
Week 5 // filter the grapes
Holy Week // age the grapes
Easter Octave // grapes become New Wine

Made with love for the children you love. Suitable for ages 6-12.

New Wine Lent Devotional for Adults available here