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Songs of Worship - Home Isolation Acoustic Covers CD

Enjoy all the songs compiled from Fr Rob Galea's Songs of Worship - Home Isolation Project Version 1-4 on one CD.

Featuring collaborations with artists Taylor Tripodi, Joe Melendrez, Hannah Schaeffer, Alyssa Agius and the FRG Ministry Band and Fr Rob's mother Anne Galea. 

Songs Include: 

1. Beautiful Name
2. Christ be magnified
3. O Come to the Altar
4. Here in the Presence
5. Oh The Cross
7. Knowing You Jesus (feat. ACTS Worship Band)
8. Lord I Need You (feat. Jon Carlo)
9. Oceans (feat. Ree Paramagita)
10. Coming Back
11. Goodness of God (feat. Taylor Tripodi)
12. Haven’t Seen It Yet (feat. The Saga)
13. Real Thing (feat. FRG Ministry Band)
14. Shelter (feat. Anne Galea)
15. Way Maker (feat. Timothy Li)
16. I Just Need U (feat. Joe Melendrez)
17. Alright (Feat. Tim and Imy Chan)
18. Amazing Grace (Feat. Maria Legayada)
19. Living Hope (Feat. Alyssa Agius)
20. Reckless Love (Feat. Hannah Schaefer)
21. Sing of Your Love (Feat. Georga Byrne)

This is a physical product.