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The Catholic Notetaking Bible: Blessed Is She Edition

Discover a beautiful, personal way to engage with Scripture through The Catholic Notetaking Bible: Blessed Is She Edition (NABRE). This new and improved version, formerly known as The Catholic Journaling Bible, is designed specifically for Catholic women. This notetaking Bible is the perfect companion as you dive deeper into the Word of God. The single-column format offers wide margins on high-quality paper that minimises ink bleed-through, making this Bible perfect for notetaking, journaling, recording prayers, doodling, and any other form of creative expression.

The elegant design includes hand-lettered quotes and plenty of space for personal reflection. Ideal for gift-giving, this lovely hardcover Bible invites Catholics to immerse themselves in God’s word like never before.

Interior design: Blessed Is She, Inc.

Additional Details:

  • The Bible is 6.25 x 9″ with font size 9 and nearly 2″ margins.
  • This Catholic Journaling Bible has no additional reflections. It has only the footnotes and endnotes from the NABRE text.